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margofthorns replied to your post “margofthorns replied to your post “margofthorns replied to your…”

Well I have seven years on you. It’s my job as your older cousin to guide you when I can xoxox

this is literally the worst time in my life. i cant wait until im like 25. and more of an adult. im like a baby adult. i really shouldnt be allowed to make decisions.


IRWIN, IRWIN Live, 1996/1998 exhibitions in Atlanta and Warsaw

IRWIN Live consists of paintings from the “Was ist Kunst” series installed on the ceiling with the Irwin members suspended below them so as to appear standing as spectators in front of their paintings.
After the opening the “live” members are replaced with replicas, wich remain in the gallery for the duration of the exhibition. (via)

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Are you okay?

not so much but im working on it thankyou so much for asking though omg it just felt nice to say it publicly kinda and get it off my chest and its just really nice that you asked thank you thank you thank you

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the point is to overcome it dude. put your adult pants on. change it up!

ADULT PANTS SUCK. ugh now im going to have to say sorry even though he was clearly the butt nakjdnvkanb





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bless you. only 4 are check marks but ugh. its constant for the past month.